Thursday, 12 September 2013

Current Mascara Picks

For the longest time I refused to believe that more expensive mascaras were better, and the 'drugstore'/'highstreet' still do some pretty good ones if your budget can't take anymore hits (maybelline and L'Oreal I'm looking at you) but overall I have well and truly been converted over the past couple of years into a high end mascara fiend and the last time I picked up a drugstore one was probably back in my sixth form days. I have tried a tonne of mascaras and here are the ones I currently do or am planning on returning to from the permium end of things.

YSL have always been up there with their mascaras, the Shocking Faux Cils is notably great but it was their release of Babydoll this year that had me head over heels. My full size has gone wandering so this is just a baby size -  I don't know whether it was Cara's face on the visuals or the plastic brush in the little gold tube but overall I Love, with a capital 'L' this mascara. Not so voluminous that your lashes become clump central but the plastic brush (the brush type I do tend to favour) is firm enough to coat all lashes, lift them and elongate just a little. I think this is because the formula is slightly drier than a lot of other mascaras, which I personally like - anything too wet becomes a bit gluey. Two coats of this and the lashes are thicker and fuller, lifted, multiplied and fluttery without looking heavy or far too spidery/scary. My only issue with Babydoll is with how fragranced it is - after a long day of wearing it my eyes can become stingy and there comes a time (after about 6-8 hours) when I just need it off my face, but aside from this it's an ultimate favourite for me and  do I dare say it, my number one of all time!

I possibly have already documented how much I like Clinique's High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara. This is for those days when you want serious volume, lots of lashes and lots of thickness. The brush is a plastic bristle number that does look slightly scary, and when you first open a brand new tube of the stuff I will say wipe off some of the product from the wand as it can become clump-city. This is the most voluminous and heaviest of my choices but if you want that intense lash look then this if for you. I do really love this and it doesn't irritate my ridiculously sensitive eyes, hallelujah. At £17 it's the cheapest of the bunch and won't break the bank entirely.

Lancome are a brand that are worldwide winners when it comes to mascara and before working for them admittedly I hadn't tried Hypnose. Little disclaimer here but I hate to be one of those people writing about the company they work for as it seems in-genuine but it genuinely is love here! In all my unbiased nature I must admit defeatedly that Hypnose Star* is a winner for me, and gives all the volume and length you could want. It doesn't clump, doesn't irritate and is genuinely a really good mascara (along with the original Hypnose) Fleur de Force has admitted her love for it which should mean something to anyone who does their beauty research.  You can't not like the dipped in glitter effect that the packaging has although to answer a question I am asked at least once a day, no the actual mascara is not glittery. This mascara has a similar finish to Le Volume Chanel but I find it not to be as drying or hard. Again with the fragrance it is a slight irritant after a day's wear but the whole 'beauty is pain' thing wasn't invented for nothing right?

If you have any reccomendations of mascara I should try then let me know, but for now these are my three in rotation and the ones I reel off to people who ask me which mascaras I like best. As for now, I'll be repurchasing Babydoll until the cows come home, or something along those lines!

Emma xx

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  1. I love the packaging on the Lancôme mascara too! Sounds so good! Not tried any of these yet!