Tuesday, 25 June 2013

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo

Due to a hella-busy schedule and my google account being hacked, my blog has gone unloved for some time now. But I'm back - Google password recovered and ready to go with reviews and favourites and the general babble that I missed doing while I was gone. Today I'm writing about a skincare saviour and a life lesson I have learnt the hard way!

I love skincare and trying to find the best thing for my skin - I know that's not uncommon amongst us girls. But a couple of months ago I may have given my skincare lust list a little too much love and delved into purchasing some highly hyped up products that unfortunately left my skin in the worst state it's ever been in. I've never had trouble with spots, but combine a bad experience with the most coveted cleanser of 2013 and discovering how bad alcohol affects my skin (more than a regular person I swear - I'm going cold turkey) I literally felt as though I shouldn't leave the house, my skin was that bad and as I had scared myself out of trying new products, I had no idea what to do to rescue my poor broken out self. Luckily my problem area was my chin and jaw line, not my whole entire face, but the blemishes were so large and felt so hard like nothing I'd experienced before! 

Was that TMI? Apologies. But the story continues and in a moment of panic I reached for La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo - it's rave reviews were promising and I just figured that things couldn't get any worse. Effaclar Duo is a light gel type cream that can be used morning and/or night (or whenever necessary) to target spot prone or congested skin.

Fast forward a few weeks later and I literally cannot rave enough about this product. I'd repurchase this a thousand times over for the results it has given me, I've taken it everywhere I've been and out of everything I use in my skincare routine this has become one of the most important products. When my skin was bad I'd apply it both morning and night and spots/blemishes were visibly better the following day. On any blemishes that have any new/raw skin underneath the Salicylic Acid in this may mean it can sting for a few seconds but that does go away. It calms the skin completely, unclogs and purifies pores to prevent future breakouts whilst tackling any blemishes that are present by making them less red and generally clearing them up.
Effaclar Duo instantly gives my skin the smoothness I've been trying to achieve too as I suffer from an uneven texture on certain areas of my face - I put this down to congestion and the fact that my skin can get dehydrated very quickly. The acids in the product provide a gentle exfoliation to correct the texture of the skin - I haven't had to complain about 'bumpy skin' for weeks now which is almost a miracle in my books. 

Effaclar Duo is 100% successful at de-congesting the skin, clearing up breakouts, preventing future breakouts and helping the skin be hydrated. I obviously learnt the hard way that skincare is subjective and so this won't work for everybody but from my experiences if you have bad skin or are suffering from a hormonal breakout and don't know what else to do - try this. I could kiss this product because of how much it has helped get my skin back to the way it should be and I'm so much happy now I've found it - my breakout was really getting me down this past month! I'm definitely looking in to trying more from La Roche Posay because I have been amazed by the results of this. I've even been able to wear tinted moisturiser again - High Five!

Emma xx

*Just to make anyone aware who wasn't, the European Version of this and the American Version are completely different, no Sal Acid in the American!