Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Wednesday Wishlist

I didn't do one of these last week, not because I forgot but because I was so overwhelmed by things I had bought recently I felt like I would seem a very 'never satisfied' type if I documented that I wanted a million more things. That being said, my beauty wishlist is ever growing and would probably be as long as my leg if I wrote it out on paper. Here's what I'm coveting this week:

1. Jouer Creme Eyesahdow Crayons - £19. Cream eyeshadows are the ultimate lazy girl's makeup dream, just draw on and smudge a little and voila - masterpeice. I love my Clinique and my Topshop picks but the offerings from Jouer are definitely want-worthy! I've read great reviews about them and there isn't a shade that I wouldn't use in the range. At £19 a pop it's a costly investment if you want more than one but I can't help wanting to try them!

2. Clarins Sun Wrinkle Control Cream -£18. I am usually happy with getting my SPF from my makeup, but as Summer is approaching (hopefully) a facial SPF is vital, especially since my upcoming holiday this year is possibly the hottest place on Earth. I'm not going to be opting for the factor 50 as I don't tend to burn in the sun but when that holiday of mine comes I will be wanting extra protection from those UVA and UVB rays and hydration for my face all in one.

3. Clarins Blue Orchid Oil for Dehydrated Skin -£30 Milkteef's post on this sold it to me, I had been considering a facial oil for a while and I think this will be my choice of weapon. Clarins also have their free gift on at the minute so I will be making the most of that with the both the Clarins products listed here.

4. Emma Hardie Amazing Face Cleansing Balm -£34 Consider this bandwagon ready to be jumped on. I've heard amazing things from online people and real life people and people who are a mixture of both and I can't ignore the hype any longer. I've not found 'the one' in terms of cleanser so next payday I will be pressing checkout and awaiting the arrival of Emma. I'm hoping a name-sharer will not let me down!

5. Topshop Miller Stitch Detail Boots -£40 I keep walking past these boots and fantasising about wearing them. They look so perfect for summer as the stitching mimics the folksy trends that are currently taking place. Paired with skinny jeans or even with a cute cream coloured summer dress and leather jacket to grunge it up a bit - I think these are on my 'saved for payday' list.

6. Laura Mercier Creme Smooth Lipsticks - £20 I haven't listed one shade in particular because I want them all. No exaggeration. Arabesque, Mango and Tangerine look like my next picks in the range though. I really can't get over how lovely the formula is - so creamy and comfortable to wear. Unlike a lot of lipsticks these don't irritate me after a while and they just feel so darned good on, I urge you to try one asap!

-Emma xx


  1. Those Laura Mercier lipsticks sounds so lovely! I might pick one up soon :)


  2. Oh that sun cream sounds good! I'm going to the beach in a few weeks. Going to add that to my wishlist as well :) great post!

  3. nice blog~ always so beautiful and romantic~

    Please leave a message if you follow my blog i will follow yours back~LOL~

  4. The emma hardie balm is on my wish list too - I have tried a couple of cleansing balms but this one sounds amazing :)

  5. Those eyeshadow crayons look gorgeous! x