Thursday, 16 May 2013

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer

I first saw this concealer applied to a friend during a makeover at the Laura Mercier counter and although the product wasn't being put on me personally I could instantly see the difference it made. Her skin was more even and genuinely looked flawless yet still like skin. As of that day I was determined to own Laura Mercier's Secret Camouflage Concealer and now that I do, it certainly doesn't disappoint. 

The compact contains two shades that can be used alone or mixed together for a precise colour match. I like the more salmon/pink toned shade alone to cancel out dark circles under my eyes before I apply foundation, both shades are really good at colour correcting the skin and the pink works well to balance out under eye shadows. It can be a little drying for under the eyes if you have an issue with your eye area not being hydrated enough, I haven't had a problem with this but I would recommend the Secret Concealer or Eye Canvas if you wanted a concealer specifically for that area they are both a little more emollient. For the rest of the face I either mix the shades or apply the more yellow toned shade where I need it. The coverage is fantastic, yet it doesn't look heavy and can be used in conjunction with foundation for a flawless base or alone/with a tinted moisturiser for a less done up look that still looks like a perfected version of your skin. It stays put all day, I never need to worry about my concealer disappearing when I'm wearing this! The consistency is waxy and I find that the concealer works equally well on my drier and more oily areas. 

I find that with this concealer (and most that I use that come in pot or compact form) the most effective way to make your makeup look flawless yet still natural as putting it underneath whatever foundation you may be using that day. This way the concealer doesn't change the finish of the foundation which will make your skin look more even. With this one in particular you have to make sure the product is warm-ish as application is a little easier once warmed up on the back of your hand or with fingers. I usually hate using fingers to apply product but it does help make the product look it's most natural. If I'm not using my fingers I like to apply it with an Urban Decay Eyeshadow shader brush - the one that actually came with the original Naked Palette - as I find the synthetic brush hairs strong enough to pick up the amount of product I like and distribute the product evenly.

Overall I'm so happy with this little compact, it's versatile enough for everyday use and for when you want a more flawless evening look. I've even used it on friends and they've also fallen in love with it too! I will definitely be repurchasing this once I've finished it because it's such a reliable product I've come to depend on for everyday use.

Have you ever tried a Laura Mercier Concealer? 

-Emma xx


  1. I've actually gone to buy this so many times but then thought 'No Sarah finish up all your others' haha I'm glad to hear positive things about it though :) eventually it'll be mine.


    1. Its so good, especially at colour correcting! When you eventually buy it youll be happy :)


  2. Oh wow you wrote such a fab review honey! I think I need to try this next time I'm near a counter, it sounds like the most perfect compact to carry around for my concealing issues :D xxx

    Gemma | ♥ International MAC RiRi Woo giveway on my blog!

    1. Thank you lovely! They'll happily try some on you if you ask the MUA, all laura mercer staff seem to be lovely so go check it out :D xx

  3. I love Laura Mercier products, thanks for this great review! May have to try this


  4. Aww this sounds really lovely! I am on a hunt for some great concealer and this sounds great! I like that you can easily carry it around with you! :)) Great review lovely!

    I am running an International Giveaway on my blog now, and I'd love it if you enter for the chance to win some YSL, Chanel and Essie products! <3


    1. Thank you! It really is fab, I couldn't be without it! I have followed you lovely xx