Monday, 28 January 2013

A Collective Haul

I didn't buy this all in one go, this is over the space of about two months. I did pay for all of it myself though, although some of this is from a hefty amount of Boots points that I've collected over the past few months! Everything here can be bought from Boots and I'll probably be popping up reviews an things quite soon. I have tested everything already though and I'm quite pleased with most of it.

Real Techniques Blush brush, Clinique Even Better Foundation, Benefit They're Real Mascara, Stila Smudge Pot in Kitten, Topshop Lipstick in Beguiled, Benefit Porefessional Primer, Benefit Boing Concealer, Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer and Mascara Duo, Clarins Bronzing Duo in 02 Medium, Chanel Perfection Lumiere in 30 Beige, Maybelline Color Tattoo in On and On Bronze, OPI Nail Envy Matte, Real Techniques Powder Brush.

Emma xx

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Daily Want!

Miss Selfridge £35

It's so hard to find nice dresses on the internet that won't bury my petite 5"2 self. Being only able to shop in petite sections can be so limiting when it comes to choosing a dress (and makes me hate dress shopping) but I stumbled across this beauty and it's exactly the sort of thing I should go for when I'm dress shopping. It's quite dainty and figure hugging - there isn't too much material which compliments a petite figure like mine well. It's also in my favourite colour for going out (so adventurous am I) and I loooove the detailing. I'm a sucker for anything with velvet detail, and the lace is gorgeous too. My boyfriend keeps telling me 'those dresses with the cut out bits are hot' so I figure this is going to get the seal of approval and might possibly be a contender for any Valentines day events?! The price is pretty much what I would pay for a good quality high street dress, for a little black dress that would probably get lots of use it's quite good and Miss Selfridge are offering 20% off at the minute so I definitely recommend having a look! I really need to stop talking myself into buying things, I can see a pattern starting to form here D:

Emma xx

Mac Lipstick in Russian Red

Behold the most gorgeous most pigmented lipstick of all time. That's a little OTT but I have so much love for this lipstick. If you're looking for a sexy deep red, long lasting, high quality product look no further than the stands of Mac and the little number that is Russian Red. This was one of my birthday presents from my boyfriend last year (he did good) and it was love at first sight/swatch.

Russian Red is a matte formula from Mac, matte lipsticks are probably my favourite finish as I don't like anything too shimmery on the lips - I don't like makeup that can look 'too much' but I do love wearing a statement lip colour quite often! Because it's matte, it's ridiculously long lasting (unless you eat - I had to touch up after a meal) I think you can get a good 5 or 6 hours wear of this with minimum touch ups. Russian Red also stains the lips slightly as well, I like this in a product as it shows just how long wearing it is, and even after the proucts gone you still have a hint of colour left. The quality of this lipstick is just so undeniably good too, it's not drying and doesn't cling to dry patches on the lips, it perfects the lips to some extent which is one of the things I love about red lipstick.

I love the colour so much, the tone is gorgeous - it isn't a bright red, it's quite a deep, sultry red that looks so sophisticated on. It's so pigmented you only really need to swipe it over the lips once as the colour pay off is so brilliant. As a brunette, when I want a bold lip I naturally go for your traditional red shades so I love how it looks - especially with simple makeup. A flick of cat-eye style eyeliner and a touch of bronzer, it can look so classy. It's been perfect for venturing out this Winter, I've worn it on nights out and days out where I've wanted to wear a statement lip and it's perfect!

There's not much more to say about this other than it ticks all the boxes for a red lipstick and looks and feels so nice. It's my favourite one out of all the red lipsticks I own which is definitely a big claim to make! £14 is a good price to pay for a high quality lippie too - all in all I don't think you can go wrong with Mac - I have my eye on a few more shades I want to add to my collection!

Emma xx

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Daily Want!

I decided to pop these up consecutively because I mentioned in the previous post that I saw them both at the same time and both of the items would serve the same purpose! Although I do apologise if two Daily Want posts, both consisting of bags is a little samey. This bag from Topshop is another 'holdall' type that I would basically use to put most things I own in when I go anywhere.

I love the studded detailing on this, and the price is more forgiving at £40. I don't own a bag this colour so it would be nice change from my usual black leather style. I also like the over shoulder function as thats the way I like to wear most bags. I would say the black bag is more versatile and would go with more of my outfits and outerwear. If I can find something similar to either of these for slightly less I'd be chuffed, if not I might make a cheeky order on payday!

Emma xx

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Daily Want!

I'm after a bag that can fit pretty much my whole life in. I've seen two from Topshop and here is the first and most expensive. It costs £60 but it's just so pretty! I love a statement bag and the gold detailing plus semi quilted part of this is just divine. Subtle but somehow still managing to be classy at the same time. It looks so much more expensive than a bag from the high street which I love. It could be an investment piece that I could definitely use for travelling, uni, and the main reason - taking all my shit round to my boyfriends! I really like this, anyone want to treat me?

Emma xx

Manicure Heroes: Nails Inc Kensington Caviar Top Coat

(hello phone, reflecting in the lid!)

I've been on a bit of a manicure theme this past week or so, and as my new years resolution was to quit biting my nails and take care of them (going well so far) I thought I'd pop up another in this mini series.
This time I'm telling you about a top coat, the best one I've ever tried and one I know I'll keep returning to.

Nails Inc are my favourite nail polish brand, so it made sense for me to purchase their Caviar Top Coat. I've found that it's just the nicest top coat ever - so forgiving on those bumps or dips you get after painting your nails, doing something else while they're not quite dry, and ruining them - it just smooths everything out to perfection! It's so glossy too, the finish is almost like glass, so glossy and it's definitely salon quality, it feels luxurious to apply and with the brush it just goes on so smoothly. One of the best things about this top coat is that it makes your nail polish last so much longer too, I've gone about a week without chipping which is definitely a first for me! I reckon any polish, paired with OPI Nail Envy underneath and this on top, would last absolutely ages. It's worth the price (£12) and you can buy it from lots of department stores or even just the Nails Inc site. I just think this is the perfect thing to add to a manicure session that really improves the quality and longevity of your freshly painted nails. I'd repurchase this time and time again because it's just so good!

Emma xx

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Daily Want

I want lots of things, I'll be the first to admit that my 'wish-list' is about as long as my leg! But I thought I'd pop up these mini posts of things I see and like instead of compiling a whole list. It probably won't be daily (I just couldn't think of a better name) but it's a good way for me to keep a log of things I like.

I am obsessed with this Asos dress! What caught my eye was the jacquard embroidery print, subtle but soo pretty and feminine. It's the sort of item that is so me because I can pair something pretty like this with my boots and leather jacket, fur collar etc and really make it a bit edgier while still having that pretty, girly feel! I think it's perfect for the remainder of winter and spring and the cut is so lovely as it can be a casual daytime dress or dressed up with some heels and a long necklace for an evening out. The oversized style means it'll be comfortable which again gets another tick in my book. To be honest I would style it similarly to how Asos have advertised it here, I like the bohemian look with the headband and gold necklace accent.

The price? Well I'd like to pay less for it but the fact is I like it so much I would probably pay the £38. I think it should be around the £30-£32 mark really but oh well!

While writing this post I was a bit naughty and decided to purchase it, so I'll have to do a follow up post on what it looks like and if I'll be keeping it! I probably will, but it all depends on the sizing as I'm so small some dresses just drown me in material. It's oversized I know, but hopefully it won't be too oversized that it's unwearable. I'll be popping up more of these posts I think - it really helps me to sit and think about whether I really want/need something (sit and persuade myself to part with the £££) which is always better than impulse shopping!

Emma xx

Manicure Heroes: OPI Nail Envy

In the past few months I've gotten in to doing my nails so much more than I did before. I went through a false nail phase, but when applied myself the glue just ruined my poor claws. So now I've vowed to look after my nails and the secret behind my newly strong and well groomed nails is this bad boy: OPI Nail Envy. 

I said to myself I would never blog about something so mundane - it's not even a proper nail polish - but it's really strengthened and helped my nails so much that for anyone seeking out help in the manicure department - you need this! I have the matte version, which has the same ingredients as the original, just isn't as glossy. The ingredients - for the record - are a combination of calcium, wheat proteins and other vitamins. The only reason for a warining is the inclusion of formalhydene which is a preservative used in many things and can turn your nails slightly yellow (and could possibly be an irritant) I've had no problems with this though! There are multiple other versions available but I decided to start off with the basic one after hearing some really good reviews. 

I apply this before I paint my nails as a base coat. On the nails it's just a glossy clear coat but in the bottle you can see it's kind of milky. It's a really good way to prep your nails for painting and I find that it doesn't just make my nails stronger and healthier, it helps my nail polish last longer. I really recommend this product for doing exactly what it says on the tin, OPI are a great brand and you wouldn't be disappointed if you were to give this a whirl!

Emma xx

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Nivea Visage Tinted Moisturiser

Sorry for the stock photo - my tube is disgustingly grubby!

I bought this on a whim from Amazon, I can't remember how much it was exactly but I think it was around the £4 mark. This was before I'd ever ventured into the world of tinted moisturisers and before I had set my sights on the likes of similar products from NARS and Laura Mercier which I currently use and love.

I must say though, for my first go with a tinted moisturiser I was quite impressed. When I use this, my aim is to even out my skin tone and create a healthy looking complexion rather than cover up spots and pores. It is quite light in coverage so it would be difficult to achieve a flawless finish without a good concealer (Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer is my pick!) I don't tend to wear makeup when I'm doing nothing at all, but if I'm at my boyfriend's for the evening or lounging around and may need to nip to the local shop or just feel like looking as au-natural as possible, this is what I whack on. It's brilliant for everyday use when you want a quick fix of healthy-looking, evenly toned skin that doesn't need to last amazingly long or cover up every single tiny imperfection. I also used this on holiday a fair amount in the evenings as a foundation just felt too heavy and would have been sweated off - yuck!

I found that this sinks into the skin nicely and stays put with a good powder (Rimmel Stay Matte) I tend to apply it with my Real Techniques Buffing Brush as I've found this works to get the best coverage out of it and works it into the skin evenly. The shade isn't a perfect match, it suits me better in summer but the finish is lovely as it leaves a really nice glow, your skin feels supple and it really does help with keeping moisture in. Depending on climate and your skin type the longevity of this would vary. I have normal to dry skin and so can wear this for about five or six hours before any touching up needs to be done, however on holiday with a really hot climate it didn't last that long at all. Another negative is that I've only ever seen this shade and I think there's only a couple out there so it's a no go for paleys.

This tinted moisturiser may not be the most popular drugstore choice but it's one that I think people should look into more. It has all the qualities of a good moisturiser, as it hydrates the skin for a good amount of time as well as adds key vitamins to increase the skins overall health. It also includes light reflecting pigments and UV fighting particles that prevent aging from sun damage and reflects the light adding a natural skin-like glow to the face. 

I wasn't expecting much from this product when I bought it, but the colour is a good match for me so I think I will be purchasing it again when I run out. I love the smell of it too and will definitely go back to this on those long summer lazy days (that are SO far away!)

Emma xx

Monday, 14 January 2013

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Nails Inc Berry Collection

Well hello there blog. We haven't met in a while but I'm back for good, back in the swing of things and back finishing posts! For a few months towards the end of last year I'd write and write and be too damn critical of myself to ever press publish. Lack of confidence maybe? I think that was possibly it. But if I managed to blog during sixth form times (where admittedly thanks to a few people confidence was an all time low) then I can blog now. 

I am facing this year head on, got my determined face on and I'm back to writing, back to expressing myself (oo la how lame)

Anyway I thought I'd kick things of with a little review. I received this Nails Inc set for Christmas from my lovely boyfriend's sisters and I absolutely love it. 

No matter what time of year it is I always love a good berry shade, whether it's a fuchsia/raspberry tones or a dark and sumptuous red shade anything in that sort of range is definitely 'my thing.' 
When I was younger I often painted my nails black (throwback to emo self) Fast forward a few years and I still love the drama of a black nail, but have discovered shades such as Victoria (which is actually a 'Hero Shade' for Nails Inc) This sort of shade gives a quirky twist on the old dark and vampy nail trend. It's such deep shade of berry that it's almost black and I definitely love it for that reason. You have to apply the most coats of this if you want to reach it's true vampy potential but a sheer coat, when evenely done, can look lovely too.

Next up, Picadilly Circus is your perfect deep fuschia tone. A traditional shade, but not as bright, more raspberry toned. It's perfect for the typical berry themes of Autumn and Winter but I would personally wear this in summer too as I don't find it too dark - all in all a good all rounder. This is the one I am currently wearing on my nails as I type and apart from the fact it wasn't my neatest attempt at a manicure, I am definitely in love with the colour.

After that St Pancras is a gorgeous red berry shade, think 'Oxblood' or a bloody red with a hint of brown in it. This colour is gorgeous for a night out, it's sophisticated and deep enough to be a nice alternative from your pillar-box red nail. It's very vampy and is probably my favourite shade from the bunch.

Lastly is Jermyn Street - probably a colour that  I wouldn't have looked twice at at a Nails Inc counter, but is actually the one I am most surprised about. This is probably the most wearable in terms of being an everyday colour. It's a lovely muted rose shade that is still in the berry family but could almost be neutral. 

All in all some brilliant nail varnishes that apply with the same high quality and opaquness as all other Nails Inc shades. I'd say two coats, and a lick of Nails Inc Caviar Top Coat for extra glosiness and you're done. I'm building up quite a NI collection now and I'm not ashamed, they are definitely my favourite Nail brand and worth the pennies!

This set was £25 from the Nails Inc website. 

What are your thoughts? Are berry shades A/W staples only or a trend you go for all year round?

Emma xx